The Spirit of Frits Philips

Time passes quickly and as the end of 2011 is nearing, we are approaching this year’s last concert:
In the spirit of Frits Philips, who build the Evoluon as a gift for the 75th anniversary of the Philips company to its home-base, the city of Eindhoven, we will build you a spirited night at the Effenaar in Eindhoven. Together with two other gifted bands (I am Oak and TIKA) we will celebrate our very special own holy night. Call it our pre-Christmas present, call it awkward i`s last concert of 2011 or call it 22-12-11 the magical-music-Thursday, but just come along and join us at the Effenaar

PS: Wolfendale vergeet de gitaartas niet, wij nemen de muts mee...
PPS: And you can win free tickets for the show

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