Djurre meets Beck and the Netherlands Wind Ensemble at De Wereld Draait Door

Last week Djurre and Diederik talked about Song Reader, the new album of Beck. Just descriptions abut them playing Beck, words written down and published in the NRC. No music to hear, no videos to watch. Many of you asked if there was any footage available of Djurre and Diederik playing "Old Shanghai". We had to disappoint each of you. But there is hope! Today's breaking news:
Djurre just returned back to the Netherlands between two shows in Germany and:
Tonight live at DWDD Djurre (awkward i), Marien (Moss) and Roosmarijn Reijmer are talking about Song Reader the new album of BeckAND for all waiting to HEAR and see; Djurre will be playing "Old Shanghai" with the one and only Nederlands Blazers Ensemble / Netherlands Wind Ensemble live on TV! So, turn on your TV at 19.25 Ned3 and enjoy ...

And to complete the whole story, this is how it sounds when Djurre plays "Old Shanghai" with the Netherlands Wind Ensemble:

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