Dumping prices at Haarlem

With Christmas approaching and the (financial) crisis still going on, we all need to cut down our expenses and save the last money in order to buy gifts for our beloved ones…In the beautiful city of Haarlem they have their own creative way of financial crisis management: 
Escape the pre-Christmas stress and get 3 great bands for the price of 1. Just join us on Wednesday 14th December at the Patronaat, where we will play with TIKA and Wolfendale. And this will only cost you €3,333333333333 per band!
PS: And if you are still in need for these little gifts for your beloved ones; at 15.30 we will play an acoustic instore-concert at Sounds Haarlem, the one and only record shop for all Christmas needs…
(That’s a hint, by the way!)

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